Reviving Urban Areas Through Sustainable Adaptive Reuse


Meeting Tomorrow’s Needs with Innovation

Fully Automated Parking, Public Storage, Cold Storage and Urban Farming Solutions
Convert Obsolete Urban Buildings into Rapidly Deployed Pop-Up High Demand Facilities.

Adaptive Reuse

It's not uncommon for city centers to have neighborhoods that are in need of a face-lift. We can determine which areas in a city would benefit most from a Pop-Up solution based on location, demographic and economic research...

Turning a vacant lot or dilapidated building into a revenue generating asset for all stakeholders is our key goal. We do this all while seamlessly blending the building into the surrounding area.


Urban Market Penetration

Maybe you're a large-scale developer that wants to break in to a new market. You may also be a developer that wants to grow its portfolio in a specific city...

We have been able to minimize the barriers to entry of new markets because the cost to develop a Pop-Up solution is fractional compared to traditional construction projects. Market research gives us insight as to which solution is best in a city to increase long-term success.


Multiple Applications

One of the key factors in choosing a location to develop is who will lease the space you build. Pop-Up Buildings are designed as a turnkey business model...

Tenants in a different industry can easily take the space over if another tenant moves out. Our solutions are also designed to adapt to changes in market demand. This increases our ability to keep the building occupied and reduces the risk of vacancy.


Financial Feasibility

Most traditional construction projects are expensive, take a long time to complete and leave waste that has to be removed as well...

The modular design of Pop-Up Buildings minimizes the construction challenges you’re familiar with. Pop-Up solutions are installed on the slab so not only is the cost of time and money reduced, but most solutions can be installed within 4-6 months, depending on the project’s scope.