Sustainable Indoor Urban Farming & Agriculture


Robotic Automation

Our robotic automation technology reduces the overhead cost of a traditional farming operation.

Our proprietary watering and lighting systems produce a more efficient harvest by using 70% less water and lighting than traditional hydroponic farming operations.

Highly Secure

Grow trays are stored high and deep in the facility, ensuring access only to authorized personnel.

Because grow trays are stored deep in the facility, access to this part of the building is granted only to individuals who are necessary in the processing aspect of the business.

Increased Production

Vertical indoor Pop-Up Farming allows production in as many levels as possible on a single square foot.

Pop-Up Farming can produce so much as 100 times more food than with regular farming (per square foot). And while weather can decrease the yield in any given year, it plays a minor factor in urban food production.

Quality Control

Automated indoor farming allows all growth factors to be carefully controlled and monitored, guaranteeing the healthiest and most consistent yields.

Pop-Up Farming Buildings are Fully Automated, Weatherproof and Sustainable

Urban Pop-Up Farming uses smart, robotic automation technology that reduces water and energy use by 70%

Pop-Up Farming’s climate-controlled buildings enable the growth of virtually any crop and/or medicinal plant

Pop-Up Farming focuses on sustainable approaches to ensure optimal food quality and the overall health of city ecosystems

Pop-Up Farming Benefits

Fully Automated Pop-Up Farming Buildings are the answers to food scarcity, malnutrition and poverty in urban areas. Here are its most critical advantages over conventional, outsourced farming.

What’s Next?

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