Environmental Sustainability

Time to completion, cost and waste are minimized with Pop Up Building Technologies.

Pop-Up Buildings are prefabricated and modular so they significantly minimize those concerns associated with traditional construction projects. Mitigating these factors will reduce the overall carbon footprint a project has on the surrounding area.


Economic Growth

Conerting the obsolete to usable, enhances urban neighborhoods and creates economic growth.

Implementing Pop-Up solutions will not only increase the revenue opportunity for the tenant, but also the businesses in the surrounding area and the city as a whole. As this growth continues, neighborhoods will continue to develop with additional assets.


Maximize Opportunity

It is usually pretty rare to have an abundance of open space in a city center...

Pop-Up Buildings are designed to be implemented on a relatively small plot of land because of our ability to use the available vertical space. This creates an increased opportunity for businesses that would like to open their doors to a densely populated city.


Neighborhood Preservation

We appreciate that every city has its own unique look and feel...

For that reason, we have designed Pop-Up Buildings in a way that allows us to blend the building into the surrounding neighborhood. Implementing these solutions on vacant lot or in place of run-down buildings aids in the beautification of downtown city areas as well.


Meeting Urban Needs by converting the obsolete to usable.

Fully automated put-away and retrieval systems allow the high density storage of vehicles, public storage, urban farming and mixed use retail.
Fully automated put-away and retrieval systems allow the high density storage of vehicles, grow trays, as well as personal and commercial storage.